Friday, March 6, 2009

Where Has The Time Gone!!

So I am officially the biggest slacker! I could say 'I must be the best mom and house wife because I spend all my time playing with the kids, cleaning, cooking, Etc... instead of on the computer' but that just wouldn't be true. I am just a Slacker!

Well gear up for another long blog!! I am sorry in advance!

Well, I guess I will start with Halloween!

This was the first halloween we all dressed up. I took Heston and Kasen to the town party. Heston sure got alot of candy. We didn't stay long as i hadn't taken the stroller and the cow was getting a little heavy to haul around. Rob stayed home to pass out candy.

Our little cowboy! yeehaa!...

..and our big cow!!

The cowboy and his cow!! As you may see heston was already
enjoying his treats as it is running down his chin!

Kasen's first bite of baby cereal.
He wasn't sure what to think of it at first
but now we can't get him to stop eating.

At the Atco Christmas bowling party. This was their first visit with Santa this year and they both did just fine.
Heston sure loves his little(but big) brother!

Helping mom make gingerbread cookies!

They were yummy!!

Heston and Kasen's Christmas PJ's

Heston woke up Christmas morning and came in our room with a huge smile, telling us to come and see what Santa had left him.
Santa left him a train. He was so excited he didn't even care what else he got. We had to make him open the rest of his presents.

It wouldn't be a normal Christmas at the Bevan's house if there wasn't a tractor from dad.

We had a wonderful Christmas! Lots of family, food, presents, games, fun, love, memories of loved ones, and of course thoughts of our savior. I hope you all had a wonderful 2008 it is now 2009 and I will post another blog another day as this one is long and I am sick of staring at a screen.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Our Summer!!

Warning: this is a long blog. I am sorry for taking so long to get more pictures up.

Well our summer has gone by really fast and i can tell by the weather it is coming to an end:( We have had a lot of fun. It started with the arrival of Kasen at the end of June. It has been really a lot of fun having two boys. Even though it is a lot more work with two I still love it and would never change anything. (Except maybe getting more sleep)

It is so fun to see Heston bond with Kasen. Right from the start every time Heston would wake up his first words would be 'Where's Kasen'. He loves him so much. Kasen does not lack on getting enough kisses that's for sure.
When Kasen was about a week old we decided Heston needed to get out of the house so we took him to chin lake.

I think he liked the play ground the best. He's our little monkey.

We also had his favorite for dinner...Hot dogs with ketchup of course!!

We had a hail storm in July and Heston went out to catch some 'snowballs'.Heston riding the plasma car at Grama Williams' with his aunties helmet on backwards.

We have Rob's brothers (Matt and Shawn) living with us and Heston has so much fun with them. I caught a picture of Heston mowing the lawn with Matt!Kasen at 3 Weeks old. At his one month appointment he weighed 13 lbs. He is our little porker!Our two boys. Heston is getting so big. He is such a good big brother and is most always willing to help out. His daily duties consist of getting a diaper and wipes, helping undress and dress Kasen, throwing out the dirty diapers, putting Kasen's soother back in his mouth constantly, etc...

August was a busy month for us. Starting with a Lowry reunion the first weekend. Heston enjoyed the freedom that weekend. Running around with the kids and just having fun. We had a watermelon eating contest - Heston didn't win but he had fun.

The following weekend we had the family ball tournament and parade in Cardston. We didn't win but we had a lot of fun together!

That same weekend Rob's parents and family came up from Arizona so we blessed Kasen on the Sunday. It was really good to have all the family there for it.

On the Monday we all (Rob's family) headed to echo lake for the week. It was so fun to spend time together. Heston loved the boat and tubing with grandpa.

It was a lot of fun to see Heston and his cousin Bridget run around and play.

Auntie Mary was being silly and making them laugh.

Grandma Bevans loving little Kasen!

Look at that little Buddha Belly. What a chunk. At his two month appointment he weighed 15lbs 8oz.

The last weekend of the month was Taber Cornfest and we for sure couldn't miss out on the festivities. We went to a mud bogging event, then to the show and shine, then we took Heston to the rides which he loved every minute of and still asks to go on the plane again.

Heston on the kid roller coaster. I thought he would cry but he didn't.

His favorite ride was the planes. He had a grin the entire time!

On a ride with Uncle Matt and Shawn.

Going on the big slide with daddy!

Riding the Farris Wheel at 11:20 at night. He should have been in bed but wanted to ride the big ride so bad...we stood in line for 20 min.

The last event of the summer was a Williams reunion the first weekend in Sept. It was at the Williams cabin. We attempted to sleep in the tent. Lets just say it was an interesting first night with Kasen in a tent. The second night we all slept on a double mattress. Rob, Heston, me then kasen its was really squishy. It got really cold that night and it started to rain so we packed up that morning and finished the reunion in Cardston. It was fun though the kids painted rafts and then we floated them down the river.

The week before the reunion I had tried again to potty train Heston and figured rob could teach Heston to pee out side on a bush while we were at the cabin. As soon as rob started to pull Heston's diaper off he started to panic and said ' It's to cold daddy, it's to cold ' so it didn't work we gave up again on the potty thing but we will try again.

We hope you all had a great summer like we did!! Sorry again this is so long I had started this blog in September but I am now just finding time to finish it.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

It's a Boy!!

Well he finally came! Kasen Robert Bevans Born June 30/08 at 5:56am. 8lbs 13oz - 21 1/2 inch.

Here are a few pictures. It's late and i need to go to bed so i will fill in more info and pictures hopefully tomorrow.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Well here I am Thursday night and nothing happening. I must be a good cook because they just seem to hang in there till they are well cooked. Well not much is new besides the waiting game.

Here is a little of what has gone on this week:

On Saturday was a Atco Gas family picnic in Lethbridge. My parents, who had Heston, were going so rob and i decided to go as well. They always have prizes to be won and we really raked it in this year. Heston won 1 out of the 3 bikes and rob and I both won $25 gift certificates to a couple restaurants. My parents always seem to win at these things but it looks like the luck has transferred to us. -Jks-

They had a little train that Heston just loved and didn't want to get off. If we couldn't find him the first place to look was the train.

They had a few races you can see him just behind the little boy running as fast as he could.

Then they had a tug-a-war.First of all Heston went to the wrong side(the girls) but at least he was pulling the right direction for the boys!

Well that night i was able to attend my friends wedding in Cardston which was nice. I thought for sure i was going to miss it and be having a baby instead but I didn't. Having Heston home was a challenge at first as much as I missed him I was ready to beat him after about 1 hour. He was driving me Crazy. I must have forgotten how busy he really is.

On Sunday we took Heston out and let him try to ride his new bike. I thought for sure it would be too big for him but it only took him about 20 min and he had it all figured out. Now he's a pro and goes for a bike ride every night around our block.

The other night I went into Heston's room and he was sitting on the window cell watching rob wash his new toy and I thought it was cute so i took some pictures...
...then Heston took a few himself. He's quite the photographer.
Well here are a few other pictures:
Heston Jumping in a bag...i guess he saw the other kids doing the potato sack races the other day at the picnic.
Hugging the baby with a nice kool-aid stash...
That's about our life this week. Sorry for the novel. Hopefully the next time I write it will be after the baby is born and I will have pictures of Heston hugging the baby in his arms not in my belly...